I've Decided, I'm Learning Figma

There are way too many tools to chose from now. You have Sketch, Invision Studio, FramerX, UXPin, Adobe XD, and more. At some point I suppose I can learn a little bit about them all, but for now I’m going to go with Figma.

Why Figma?

Each tool has their own pros and cons. Figma seems to have all the necessary features

  • Auto layouts so I don’t need to resize every single thing
  • Version history which I can’t do without thanks to over 6 years of using GIT
  • Cross platform because … browsers. However when Framer goes browser, I am jumping ship
  • Google doc-like collaboration when I am feeling social
  • Basic prototyping which is good enough. If I need crazy levels of animation then I will break out my JavaScript skills or use Framer when it goes browser
  • Developer hand off seems simple enough, even simpler since I am the developer too (^_^)v
  • Free usage tier so I can learn without pressure.I can update to a paid tier once I decide to make it my main design tool.

Showcasing my progress

There is no good way to show my progress as I learn this tool. I can post new aspects of the tool here, but that tells you nothing of where I am in mastering the skill. Therefore I am going to go with the raw power of practice. The more prototypes I put up, the better I will be at making them by default.

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